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I'm considering going to a doctor (medical) to seek professional advice regarding the options for guys in my condition.

I think that I should see a Urologist, but am unsure if that is the correct specialist. Also, I don't even know what kinds of questions to ask.

Do I just say that I need help with size enhancement and erectile dysfunction and that I'm willing to try anything? I'm hoping that seeing the doctor isn't as humiliating as I'm anticipating....

(Has anyone had any good results with a particular brand of pump or other enhancers?)

Anyway, does anyone have any experience or knowlegde that could be helpful? I've finally decided that I have to get an expert on the case, but I'm not sure how to proceed.



(Trying to be less)Anguished

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I don't know much about methods for increasing penis length but there are some girth surgeries I have read about. There is one guy who is using alloderm to increase girth as opposed to injecting fat which is the usual way. The testimonials on his website all are very positive but I haven't heard about this method anywhere but his website so I am wary. In terms of girth, the minimum girth that you want to be is 4.5 inches around if you use a tape measurer. If you can figure out a way to increase that healthily than you are in good order. If that is not your issue, I would consult a urologist and see what is available in terms of length increase.

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I was surprised to see that WebMD had a somewhat positive article on some device that was originally developed to treat Peyronie's disease. But they had lots of other articles that said that surgery was the most viable option even though the success rate didn't seem that great.

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