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Ok so I dont know if this is a mental thing. Im supposing it is. I have been having these dreams about getting shot at. In my recent dream the setting is an office place. I am sitting at this long table against a brick wall and to my left is the door and a window to my right is my client; were talking and then all of a sudden I see the brick wall being shattered and my client told me he had shot in the arm. I looked at him shocked and then I see myself calling 911 I'm not screaming I am actually calm but yet im scared. These dreams in different settings have been going on for quite some time. I have dreams that are reoccuring and I pretty much can figure those out. But these dreams about running (which this is the first dream I've had where im stationery) and being shot at are really puzzling me. I have looked it up in every dream book I can find but nothing. Does anyone have anything to offer as to why I keep having these dreams? It sure would help.

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Hi meyou, thanks for sharing with us. I don't know enough to speak of your dreams, but I find that dreams are often meaningless. If they do have meaning, they tend to reflect my immediate fears. So I may be working on an essay, dream of myself in class the next day to learn that the essay is due right there, and wake up flustered and no longer sure of the date or the deadlines. Maybe the deadline was changed during class and I somehow misheard? Maybe the deadline was changed online and my syllabus is no longer current? Maybe I received an email about the deadline and it's in my spam folder? Of course, the situation I dreamt of never actually occurred in reality because the fear I felt both awake and asleep was enough to make me get the papers done on time; but I have since learned how to focus and, looking back at the papers I have written, I feel that the stress I went through was definitely not the productive kind.

By focus I mean that I am developing the enthusiasm to complete my tasks rather than allowing fear to take over as the main motivator.

I'm not sure if this answers your question very well as it is more about myself, but for what it is worth!

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Hi Kay_J & kaudio

Thanks for your input. Well I have two other reoccuring dreams and yes they only happen when I am going thru something; but as for this dream it really perplexes me because when I have these types of dreams I am not going thru anything "traumatic" or "stressful". Maybe it's suppose to be opposite of what I'm "going thru". Maybe these dreams are suppose to be my stressful time?

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Experts disagree on the purpose of dreams; some suggest that it is a way for your mind to consolidate information (keep/file important stuff and prune away irrelevant), others suggest that the brain engages in a process to try and attach meaning to random neural firing that occurs while we sleep. Still others suggest that it is a way for our minds to process what is going in during our waking lives.

Let me confess upfront that I do not have specific training in dream interpretation, so take this information with a grain of salt. That being said,

I did some digging around and here's what I found. I would think about yourself and see if any of this applies to you.

Being shot at may reflect:

1) an intense feeling of powerlessness or fear of being attacked

2) feeling persecuted, victimized, judged, taken advantage of, or on the receiving end of hostility

3) the release or the need for a release of strong and dangerous emotions (that you would otherwise keep in)

4) a conclusive event that has occurred in a particular situation or relationship

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Hi Natalie thanks for that. I will ponder those. I dont dream these types of dreams to often. In fact the 2 dreams that I used to have ALL the time have disappeared. So maybe I'm doing something right in my life. hahaha. <crossing fingers>. I always remember my dreams I wish I had been smart enough and journaled them. I do appreciate your feedback.

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