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Some of you will already know me and the struggles I have with getting over my ex (ty for the big helps from Symora and From the Moon on that one), but this is a diff prob though related in a way to it. For quite a while I have had shall we say a masturbation addiction and find most days I like to 'relieve' myself at least once a day. I also found myself browsing facebook looking for 'material' and this caused lots of understandable consternation with my ex when I admitted this to her and went through the names one by one of who I had 'done it over' and it included both mine and her friends, including my one of my best friends sisters who was only 17 at the time (I am 25). I am not sure why I did it over friends of both her and me, perhaps it is down to it being more real since I know the person? Whilst I have cut down since splitting up with me ex I still occasionally masturbate over friends on facebook and people I have come into contact with. This is obviously a real worry for me and is not at all healthy. Only in the last hour or so I almost found myself browsing (only browsing I hasten to add, nothing sexual) through the photos of a girl who was the ex gf of one of my friends who died of a heart attack at the age of 21!! Now I had only met this girl once at the funeral yet I started to browse the photos of her on facebook before admonishing myself for it and after a few seconds closed it down and giving myself a mental slap and it sort of prompted this topic. I am hopefully seeing someone professional at my University when I go back at the beginning of September and fingers crossed they can help me shed more light on it. It is also frustrating that whilst I have moments of clarity and I beat myself up mentally over doing it I still find myself on the odd occasion still masturbating over various people on facebook. Any thoughts on this, and I am braced for being a dirty so and so etc so bring it on lol

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