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Help how to fight purging urges that r very strong


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I wish i could help but i dont know how myself... i got a sunburn, and it hurts to move so i have not purged and feel the same thing - fat - just because i have not done it in over a week. i feel like going on a 40 mile hike i feel so digusting im sorry i cant help much we both need help on this one. i think the thing that helps most is just to distract yourself though. i wish you luck

It's ok I truly apperciate you trying to help truly

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Omg I'm panicky now because I'm having two sandwhichs and just ate

few pizza rolls damn me an my body arggh

now ill get fat and gain weight dang it I hate it when

I loose control an eat!!!!!!! I will need two hrs to excercise it of after

an might have to purge considering that only for now

And just trying to calm from the panic above

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Yay i feel acomplished than :D have you ever seen Invader Zim its an interesting cartoon i find it very funny though. Gir is my favorit character he's a robot. im being random sorry lol my head is being an energizer bunny. Do u like bunnies?

I like bunnies an no I have not seen that


I can see you are hyper it's ok

tummy hurts now

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