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Hi There:

My pdoc recommended two very good books that helped me understand how my brain worked during the trauma. These books are really talking to me now that I am not as blocked like I was for 44 yrs. I made notes and reminders on my wall b/c of these books and I have hope, and it shows I can recover.

They are "8 Keys to Trauma Recovery" by Babette Rothschild. They are: Mindfulness, Begin your epilogue (you made it), remembering is NOT required, STOP flashbacks, Reconcile forgiveness & shame by Forgiving Your limitations & share your shame, break things into baby steps, get moving physically and make lemondade (help others).

This book for me was very good explaining PTSD, and showed that I am not alone and it is part of the process. It really explained about the: Fright/Flight/Freeze response directed by the hippocampus during the trauma. I was brave to dissociate b/c otherwise my mind could not handle it. Now it is ready by learning how to talk to my inner family using IFS.

The other book is " Invisible Hereos" by Belleruth Naparstek and Guided Imagery. It explains the research on PTSD and the 2nd part explains Guided Imagery. I bought them as ebooks (which is cheaper on kobobooks.com). There are also FREE ebooks you can subscribe to and right now for distraction, I am reading a teenager book.

I believe if you have found something that works for you, it is worth sharing as it may help someone else. I work very hard on my recovery and find different tools & websites that help with my healing journey. I like to help others, even if people are not there for me in my dire need of recovery, especially my family. Thanks for listening....

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