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Medical foods for neurological & psychiatric conditions

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Medical Foods are prescription only medications. They are not supplements or drugs. I was prescribed MF for chronic pain with huge success. When I researched MF further I found out there are also some for neurological and psychiatric conditions as well.

See the Depression section of the link below:


Found more info on MF as an add-on treatment to antipsychotics in schizophrenia. DeplinĀ®


Couldn't leave without sharing.

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Thanks for posting the article links:) I had never heard of "Medical Foods" in the clinical sense, but I found this very interesting because in Eastern medicine food is regularly used to treat illnesses and it makes sense, because many drugs are derived from natural food sources anyway. I also knew a man who had a brain tumor and was given less than a year to live, who ended getting rid of the tumor and living another 10 years, by changing to a very healthy diet. My boyfriend always tells me that "food is medicine" and after trying his suggestions over the last few years, I can see that certain foods definitely do have an effect on your body. There are certain foods that act as antihistimines and others that help your digestive system, etc. It seems that Western medicine is just recently catching on to this idea, which has been widely accepted in Eastern culture for a very long time. I do also find it interesting though that it has to become so "medicalized". I would be more likely to want to find natural sources of these food-based chemicals, but that's just me:P

Anyway, thanks for posting this interesting topic:) It's definitely "food for thought";)

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