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My world just fell apart...and I am hurting bad


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I am very sorry for reaching out. I felt better after being on here and feelilng more positive. I called my brother in another city to explain why I was retreating etc...and it was the most awful blaming, despiteful, call ever

He implied I have been lying who abused me, and they don't know what to believe. He stated when I thought it was my uncle, he would not communicate w him b/c of me etc....He said my family is so frustrated with me they don't know what to do so they ignore me

I used to get support from him, and now he is like everyone else. He said I am putting this alone ness on my self b/c I have choices, then complain when no one there. I don't think they understand what it is liked to work on abuse, and right now I am trying to be strong & positive.

I have a bank appointment I will go to and try to clean my apartment, however I can't commmunicate with my family anymore. Except drive that brother who gets angry with me, and upsets me on Sat. I have no options, and I have to wait 2 wks before next appointment.

I have never been this activated & I am scared b/c there is no family or external support. Thanks....I keep calling the lines for support, but that is not a good way to run your life, when you finally got your voice back

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Guest nejiwhopper

I'm sorry Windsy....I know exactly how it feels to have no family support. It is very hard for people who aren't going through our experiences to understand them. Sometimes they think "OK, you know you have a problem, so now solve it and get better" and don't understand it's not that simple.

Perhaps you could ask your brother to come to counseling sessions with you? Your therapist could help him understand your situation better and the counselor could help him to deal with his feelings about all this too.

It's hard, I know. Maybe you will just need to give your brother some time without discussing the situation. Keep your conversations on other things like the weather and work. Give him some time to digest it all. This might let him know that you understand he is overwhelmed too and that you care and are there for him too. Just let him have a breather.

You have the great people here, so that is a good thing and a form of external support. Do you have any friends?

Stay strong.


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