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Wanting to drink

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Hi !~

I have a little bit of sober time... but I am sitting here right now with my mouth watering for a beer....

This is not good... hubs will be leaving shortly to go back out of town... Sunday night and Monday are my big drinking days.... I need to stay sober ... I am planning on getting bak on meds.. this Thursday and to drink and take meds is a waste of time...

OH BTW I am an alcoholic... or have a drinking problem whatever ya want to call it...

Any advice? NO>> NOT AA TODAY.... I would have to drive right by the beer store...


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Gabby, Dont give in now? Think! You can do it when you B&Q it! Ha! That's a U.K thing we have over here about a Hard whare store!

You've done brilliantly up to now! Don't let all that go to waste. Think positive!

But Gabby, your going to need help! There's nothing wrong with asking for help you know? You've just got to swallow your pride!

Take each day as it comes!

A friend is someone who thinks your a good egg, even though your slightly cracked.

Paula x

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My main addiction is compulsive gambling and I have certainly abused my share of prescription drugs. What helps me when my "inner addict" starts trying to talk me into gambling, for example, is to say what it is telling me out loud.

For example, this part of me might be telling me: "Your life sucks, no one cares about you, you might as well go gamble." I say this out loud to myself and question its validity. What has worked for me is not to argue with it but to ask it a question that it can't answer.

I respond with: "Okay, so let's say that my life does suck, just how is it going to make my life suck less to be living out of a cardboard box?" I say this because that is where gambling will lead for me: homelessness. I wouldn't stop until all my money was gone. Even if my life sucks, I'd rather have a nice place to live while it does suck. (It doesn't, most of the time, but you can see what I mean, hopefully)

So far, the addict part of me gives up when I ask it the tough questions. :)

I hope this helps someone else turn their life in the direction they wish.


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...I try to avoid talking to the damn thing at all if I can...

Hi JR-

A couple of years ago, I read some of the orange papers and will check out that section that you are referencing. Thanks :)

One point that I would like to make about your dealing with the Beast, as you call it, is that if it does start speaking to you, it is best not to try to avoid it but to turn around and face it head on, asking it to explain exactly how, in your case, drinking will improve the quality of your life.

This is a point my pathological gambling therapist has made to me and other members of our therapy group. Trying to avoid the Beast or to hide from it even, sets one up for it to ambush you when you least expect it. Bringing the madness into the light of reason is the way that has worked for me. I never want to forget how bad it really was when I gambled. This will keep the occasional "euphoric recall" that comes over me from succeeding in seducing me into gambling again.

By the way, thanks for saying it's nice to see my posts. :D I always enjoy yours, partly because they are so literate. I must confess that I do find it annoying when posters use poor English. Do think it would be rude to suggest that the moderators use spell check? It is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me to read misspellings/wrong word choices from folks with graduate degrees. :P


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Ok.. let's see how much of this one.... I can remember...

I didn't drink last Sunday night... Actually I told my husband he he drove me to the AA meeting... I do not drink with him around ( I get mean). AA??? well I like the social aspect of it but the steps?? I cannot seem to wrap my head around them.. Been a member of AA for over 15 yrs.. have had some sober time.. but never worked the steps... (Mark will check that out)

Like RR... got the book.. I like thinking I DO have a choice.. I choose to put that beer to my lips... or to give into the Beast....

I agree with setting the Beast straight right away... If I ignore it .. it is like a guy that likes you .. if you just put him off he will keep coming back!!!

Guess I got a little depressed right the other night that I didn't get an imediate response ( now that is REAL mature) Guess I forgot to subscribe to this thread!!!

Am thinking of starting DRA group... Dual Recovery Anonymous.... Google it.. can't explain it too well.. it is also 12 step.. but diffrent too??? I think? Maybe I am just grasping at straws....

Guess I do a little AA, a little RR, some Smart, Some Lifering.. I goto all the sites and forums... searching for MY answer.....

I do not even know if I am making sense.... why do I get this way when my hubs goes back to work??? He works out of town.. is it anxiety?

I am gonna be quite for a little bit.... I will check back later today... may go try to read a book, maybe I can get some sleep.


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Hi Gabby-

Don't let your inner critical voice make you give up on your recovery efforts (e.g saying you are "grasping at straws" when you are trying new recovery things).

You are doing the right thing in exploring options that might work for you. Each person's recovery from addiction is unique. The more effort you put into healthy things, the less energy that addictive voice has to tell you that drinking is a good idea.

Keep up the good work! :)


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Hi Gabs

Just realised, there's two post in this forum that relates to you and your drinking problem!

This one and one that comes under Bipolar Disorder! Could do with trying to stick to the one post really!

Regarding your drinking, we could do with sticking on this post! So as not to confuse people!


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