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Narcotic Contract

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I've been taken Clonazepam since 1999 and it has worked well me for the most part. I have always got it from my primary care doctor, but things are change for me. I had be run low on my clonazepam a few months back and I since it had not been 6 months since I had seen my doctor. I called the clinic office to get a refill on it, they said they would give the message to the doctor. He called in my clonazepam to the pharmacy, but only gave me only one refill. I call the clinic and they said that I would need to come in and to see the doctor. Not being able to see the doctor since he only works Mondays, Tuesdays and my only day off is Thursday. I set appointment with one of the doctor in the clinic. So I went in today for the appointment. I get to there and the first thing that that come out of doctors mouth is "We need to put you on a Narcotic Contract". I question that, I know that clonazepam is a control substances. But why, I don't sell my meds. Hello people it's for my anxiety. I could see if it was a suicidal prevent contract ... but it's not... I'm not in a crisis at the moment. I don't know.

Has any one out there have to be on a Narcotic Contract for any of your your Antidepressants or Anxiety meds... Let me know and any fee back on the whole subject...


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These contracts are getting more and more common especially with the rise in abuse of prescription medications. I think they probably protect the prescriber more than the patient. They usually aren't used for prescriptions that are short term but for people who may have long term needs for these meds. It doesn't mean that they suspect you are abusing the meds or selling them.....it's just a legal protection for them that you are an informed user of these meds and that you agree to use them as directed/inform the presciber of all other meds you take etc.....

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