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Is there such thing as Morning Rage?

Guest nejiwhopper

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Neji,

I would also like to hear from others about the morning and moods.

It is true that people with depression and anxiety tend to feel worse when they are awakening and in the early morning. There are also hormonal adjustments that can occur during the early morning.

What do others think??


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Speaking for myself, I know my temper in the morning is far worse than it is at any other time. The odd thing is that I'm actually a "morning person" -- I'm much more productive and focused earlier in the day. But I'm very prone to blowing up until I've been up for a couple of hours. The littlest things will set me off. It's bad enough that I try to avoid people, or at least serious discussions with people, until mid-morning or so. I'm actually kind of notorious at work for coming in, shutting the door to my office, and not emerging until I've settled down.

I'd never heard that people with depression feel worse in the morning, but that could explain my issues. However, what's interesting is that, since I started taking anti-depressants, I've become even more short-tempered in the morning...don't know what that means.

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