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hi I'm confused


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I don't know how to begin this but here it goes...I visited this site a couple of times and decided to ask about schizophrenia because I believe I have some tendencies, like listening to words that I don't know exactly where they come from, they seem like myself, like I'm talking mentally to myself, but it's really annoying and debilitating when they keep repeating negative thoughts into my brain, over and over, I wish they would go away because I need to sleep.

I'm very sensitive to sounds as well, the neighbours', places I go, laughter, etc. I haven't been diagnosed with schizophrenia but I began reading about it and think I could have it in some mild form. I'm current on medication for depression and anxiety.

I can get really angry about small things, and really scared also, mostly about the future.

Well I would like to know if there's a way stop the negative feelings that I have, since I'm unable to function well in society and lead a normal life.

I don't wish to trivialize my condition or other people's, nor do I wish to exaggerate it. Regards

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Hi Myworld

You mention that you keep hearing, repeating word's that you are hearing Mentally. You also mention that you suffer from Depression & Anxiety, and you are taking Medication for these symptom's.

But you don't mention whether you are seeing a Psychiatrist/Psychologist? It would be in your best interest to either book an Appointment to see a Psychiatrist/Psychologist, If you are not being treated by either one. Or, if you are being treated by either, I suggest that you make an appointment to see him as soon as possible.

Schisophrenia - meaning split mind, is a Psychiatric Diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterised by impairments/abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. It most commonly manifests as Auditory Hallucinations and Paranoid or Bizarre Delusions, or disorganised speech and thinking in the contex of significant social or occupational dysfunction. The belief that thoughts are being inserted into or withdrawn from one's conscious mind.

Some recreational and prescription drugs appear to cause or worsten symptoms. So the prescribed drugs that you are taking for your Depression and Anxiety, could actualy, be causing you to have these symptoms.


PSYCHIATRIST/PSYCHOLOGIST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! To rule out any possibilities to the medication that you are already taking!

Please keep us posted on how you get on!


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Paula has offered good advice, regarding the need to inform your doctor about what seems to be auditory hallucinations. If you are depressive, and these voices occur only during depressive episodes, it may be that they are related to the depression, and not a sign of any independent schizophrenia or other psychotic process. People with depression can hear voices - it's called depression with psychotic features. If the voices occur during times when you are not all that depressed (if that ever happens) then the chances are better that you have some independent (from the depression) psychotic diagnosis happening. either way, the medications that doctors use for treating voices are different than the ones they use to treat mood and emotional problems, so it is important that you let them know that there is some hallucination sort of stuff happening.

Treating mood problems including anger can be tough, but it can be done too. Medication can be a component to a treatment program, but it doesn't work super well for everyone (for depression) and there are side effects. Psychotherapy such as an anger management program can be helpful as it helps you identify and pay attention to and be more aware of the hidden signs of anger that people can miss, and help you learn how to better manage anger feelings. have you ever taken an anger mangagement class? You can read about anger management in our topic center by that name.


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  • 4 weeks later...

thank you so much for your replies! I read them very soon the first time(s) but wasn't really able to think about anything that you two haven't already mentioned, as for solutions.

I read them every time I think about my condition and I'm online.

Yes Paula, I have been seeing psychiatrists about my condition for several years. Did some therapy with psychologists for several months, but didn't seem to click with any one in particular which is why I don't seek psychological help recently. I know I must, but I don't feel like it. And also know that I must do something about that. I thought working and trying to lead a normal life would make things better, but everyone knows it's not that simple. Although for some people it can be simple. Gosh, how I envy them!

Mark, my medication now is paxil for depression, xanax for anxiety and I switched from zyprexa to just risperdal before sleep. I never understood why my psychiatrist at the time thought I needed zyprexa (I read it was for people with schizophrenia) but I found out he prescribed for people with trouble sleeping.

It stopped working earlier this year, I would get sleepy the next day and irritated. So we thought something lighter would do the trick.

I don't know, if you ask me about risperdal and the other meds. I know I do need something to help me with my anxiety and depression.

I see my psychiatrist once or twice a month, even though I feel the need to talk to a psychologist.

Just can't afford being lazy on that one, can I...no has ever came up with a diagnosis for me, ever. Just that I might have depression and anxiety...

So I diagnose myself by reading what I can! Not really, but it makes one think. Last time I thought I had schizophrenia, now I think I might be bipolar with psychosis, because my father was manic and psychotic, that much I'm sure about. I just wish I were a bit more normal.

Thank you both again for your time, hope to be back some time and with a more accurate diagnosis.

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Hi Myworld

Bipolar is not the be all & end all! I suffer from bipolar myself and understand exactly where your coming from, but you've got to fight it!

If I let bipolar get the better of me then I would be a wreck? Noy far of it now but I would be a damn site worst if I lay back and did nothing?

Every day is like a nightmare to me but I try! I sit back and think what I used to be like. What I'd give to be like that again. I am going to be like that again because I'm going to fight this thing! No matter how long it takes I will do it! Think positive!

Listen, you've got to help yourself. You've got to fight the attitude that your experiencing at the mo.

No one said it'd be easy. They just promised it'd be worth it!

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Hi Myworld!

I think talking about things on forums like these can be helpful too.. :(

Are you taking any supplements & what is your nutrition like? are you maybe vegetarian-ish/vegan, or eat a lot of processed foods, drink coffee & alcohol? these can make both hearing sensitivity & anxiety/moods worse..

You mention sensitivity to sounds.. That may be hyperacusis or another variant of sound sensitivity - google it & see if you recognize yourself in descriptions.. I have it too - hypersensitive to eg water running or clatter of spoons/dishes, high-pitched voices or whistling, or chirping of birds, some days more so than others.. & to extreme noises such as churchbells or chainsaws etc.

Some people are helped by something called TRT offered by Dr Jastreboff (listening for pink noise mainly) & CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy), some even by posture/massage work, & some by nutrition/supplements..

Sensitivity to sounds can be connected to a number of things.. so it may be good to tell your doctor (& carry along a printout list of Wikipedia &/or other helpful sites - my doctor only took me seriously after I showed her that & explained it to her a bit) & ask for things to be checked..

The causes can be very different - yes, schizophrenia is one of potential causes too, as I read somewhere.. some drugs too... But so are eg Lyme disease (I got tested for that as I had some other potential symptoms & iffy tick/etc. bites in the past & was found negative), ear infections (am seeing an audiologist this week) & several other things.. maybe just deficiency of some minerals like magnesium or zinc or B12.. (I noticed that both hearing & moods were better when I ate food with more of those, or took supplements..) for some people it starts from hearing very loud noise, even if just once, or on repeated basis..

Also, just taking a daily walk outside could help the moods! (I always carry earplugs with, just in case.. :()

About the voices - could you try talking with them? Some approaches suggest that... Also, this will sound silly, but maybe you could enact the conversation between the voices in your head with everyday objects or so.. This is an approach of drama therapy.. So eg the apple can tell the pear how horrible it is.. (or two toothbrushes & a comb can interact.. I must admit I did this yesterday in the bathroom and ended up laughing... :))

Yes, I went to a workshop or two on drama therapy, & read a few books on it.. it was still FUN...

Ideally you would have some guidance in that.. Maybe some drama therapy is available where you live? Or at least a good psychologist?

Also, a book that really helped me was The Feeling good Handbook by Dr David Burns - maybe your library has it? It says to write down your negative thoughts & try to de-negativize them.. shed some light on them.. to see how 'real' they really are.. expose them for the flutterings they are..

But yeah, do see your doctor & psychiatrist as soon as possible..

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