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Gonna end up alone with nothing


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Oh, Misty ... :)

You need to get to a doctor, Misty, preferably a psychiatrist. Not in a month's time, sooner than that. Is there a way you can go to your GP on Monday? It doesn't sound as if it it can wait. Would your husband help with this, might he perhaps even come with you, to explain what is going on? Or would you rather go on your own? I've heard the NHS moves slowly, but you need some help with this very soon.

I can hear you're really upset ... did you have an argument with your husband? Do you want to talk about what made you feel this way? You can write it here if you feel comfortable with that?

(Weekends are very slow on the forum, so if you don't get many responses to this, that is why; there are very few people about.)

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thank you Luna. I phoned the out of hrs service and was sent to the hospital! Was seen by a dr and the crisis team. They tried to get a pdoc to see me but there wasn't one on duty or something! TOld me to wait for him and that if I left, they would send police after me!

I waited, then crisis team came back and gave me a sleeper and sent me home!

Crisis team came to my home yesterday, had a long chat, husband offloaded as well. They are coming back again today and trying to get me seen by a pdoc this week Say i need medication to start now!

I'm feeling so guilty! It sparked off by my forgetting to something again! I was adament I had done it! Just get so frustrated with myself! I was really happy and then it switched to really angry at myself. Just wante to punish myself and hurt myself! Feel like I actually should be admitted for a while, but my husband has his hgv test in a few weeks, I don't want to be responsible for him not finishing the course! There's no one around to watch the children whilst he's at training! We need him to finish! But I neeed help! I hate being like this! It's all my fault!

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