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I seem to always get this when things are going well and generally it ends with me messing up what's good because of it. I noticed when I was younger, it would happen when I played video games. I'd be on a team with one more kill to go before we win, and I couldn't die, so my heart would start racing, my concentration would turn to nerves, and usually I'd end up losing from it. This seems to be carrying onto my relationships. When we have troubles I'm usually anxious to get them solved, but I've learned to stay calm there. It's after they are solved, I get so caught up in not repeating the problems that I start overdoing things and persistently doing things that I know they've enjoyed in the past. The problem is, I do them so much that it's all I can think to do, suddenly all my social skills and focus go to waste and I become obsessed with making sure things are good and happy, which ends up being too much in the end, and I just end up annoying them to the point where they can't stand me and need a break for a few days. I'm really not sure how I can stop myself and was wondering if anyone had some ideas on what to do.

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I've started to try and meditate at times, and it's helped, although sometimes it's very hard to keep up the deep breathing and sitting stance without feeling like it's doing nothing. But I've learnt you have to sit upright, if you lay down and take deep breaths when you're not relaxed it does no good. The problem is I can't always be doing that :( Like in the middle of a talk, I can't start meditating. I'm not sure what else I can do but deep breathing, or if that's really the only thing other then working towards getting over the anxiety.

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