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My adoption story


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Hey for anyone who reads this I want to share a bit about my story

At 7 1/2 years old I came to the US from Europe (Bulgaria) !!!

My first plane ride was then and I got sick then an I had not much except the cloths on my back an I only spoke my native launguage so it made things difficult as everyone spoke English on the plane !!!

Earlier before then I got sick after birth I was anemic an my left leg was smaller then my right leg so I had a limp and I also on top of that had asthma

and my birth mother could not care for me as she was probably at a young age an she was poor to an we think not sure but my birth father might have left her after he learnt she was pregant ( we think this not sure)

So my birth mother left me at hospital and she never birth mother , never visted me there nor at the two orphanges I was later at after and after I was taken care of at the hopspital for a few months I was out into a young kids orphange where for awhile bout several months then after that I was transferred to an older orphange !!!!! Where I was there for several months when finally there I got adopted !!!

Before the adoption happened we had to wait 6 months cause my birth mothers father visted me in the older orphange and also my birth mother would not sign the adoption papers for a family in new jersey who wanted to adopt me !

After the 6 months I was adopted to a family in the US and my bmother finally signed the papers


It took me seven years to learn English and other things came slowly after that like school an learning basic education like math etc

and so that's my story

If you want to ask me questions I would be happy to answer them or to offer help an support to those who have gone through adoption or are in the process of giving up a child for adoption !!!

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