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Yes, our old friend, insomnia. I've recently started college and found it quite difficult to get to sleep on some nights, especially on the nights where I really need to (and I know why too.)

So far, the only successful solutions I've found for these stressful nights is a 4 oz dose of Robitussin and cooling the room down to almost freezing temperatures, which have proven to increase comfort under the blankets and thus, induce drowsiness. Also, just letting my mind wander helps as well, because that's what the brain tends to do just before sleep... but usually when I find my brain successfully getting to sleep, I get excited, and am right back at base 1. I'm also plenty active.

Does anyone know anything else that might help? I don't really like taking Robitussin as... well... taking any unnecessary medications is usually not advised. It's not the point where I'd need a sleeping pill to help me along, as those work for days on end. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions to sleep when you're far too tired to fall asleep?

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One of the things I do to help me sleep is worldwalk.

It's kind of like meditation, but cooler :)

I have created a garden and a little cottage in my mind. Everything in the garden and everything in the cottage is a memory/thought. I spend some time before I sleep organizing everything. For example, memories of one person are diamonds that I wrap up in fine silk and place in a drawer. Sometimes, I pull from a trunk a thin blanket created from the words 'sleep well' spoken to me from the one I love. I'll wrap that about me, curl up in an easy chair by a fire that doesn't emit heat (because I love fire and hate heat, lol), and end up dozing off. Recently I've been going through the garden and examing all the memories I have that are formed from flowers. If there are any thoughts or memories from the day, or even songs stuck in my head, that keep me from sleeping, I'll carefully put them away and sweep out the cottage. By the end of it, I'm usually out :)

I hope that helps!


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