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Anonnymous, you don't know what you'r doing? Listen to me! Please! Pick up the phone and dial 911. That's if your in the states. Or 999 if your in the U.K like me.

You need help! You need people around you at a time like this. I'm here. I know it's only over the net but if you was in my country, then I'd get in my car and come to you.

Think of all the people you'r going to hurt! Is that what you want? It might feel like there's nothing left, believe me , I've been there, x2. there's a lot left! There's life. The biggest miracle of man kind!

Look! pick up the telephone and call someone. Your family, friends, if you don't want to speak to any of them, then phone 911 and tell them how your feeling. Make it clear to them that your Suicidal and prepared to take action's. Please don't do anything hastly!

If you want to chat, then I'm here, but please do not do anything!


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