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It's hard-sell for sure, I agree. I tried to ask a question once, but when I got to the screen that said "how much are you willing to pay for this answer?" I closed the window. Maybe I'm just cheap, but I didn't like the very commercial attitude of the setup that they spring on you only after you've typed in the question, as if to lure you - they should tell you that upfront. I appreciate people in the caring professions need to earn a living and be paid but they should lay that out first.

Did you feel a little as if your need was being exploited, catsirish?

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I agree that is BS.... I did not click on it. But when I saw it on this site... I thought "cool" just what I need. But then reality set in and I knew they just wanted money.... been fooled too many times on the internet and then when you say no... here come the pop ups.... we will give it to you for 1/2 price and when you close that pop up... they will give it to you for $4.95.... not that site( I did not click on it) but been to many sites like that. Why do people want to prey on the ones that really need help??? Let's con a millionaire that has no problems!!!


Mark ... i know it cost money to run this site and would be willing to pay a small fee..... but that is a bad ad... please have it removed before someone spends their last dime looking for help.... they probably are not even doctors...

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