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depression and anxiety caused by add


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I am 39 yrs. old and was just diagnosed with adult add this year. it was only after i went through severe major depressive episodes and anxiety did i seek help for depression. was put on effexor witch helpt the depression but there was somthing missing focus,concentration,motivation all that crap man.. its only till you find the source of your depression then you can work to get over it... for me it was add.. the way i found out was took some online screening test where i scored pretty high for add.. i then went to my doc. who put me on vyvanse 60 mg and it was like a whole new world opened up that i didnt know existed..now im on a lot of meds but its worth it to think i could go from suicidal to where im at know it really works man.. if you think u have add you prob. do.. take some online screening tests...have a good one! p.s. meds im on right now effexor 300mg for depression,vyvanse 60mg for add,doxopin 100mg for sleep.. its alot of meds but man its worth it to get your life back..this only works if you truly have add though!later!

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You are so lucky. I wish I could take the meds...too many allergies and the ones I wasn't allergic to didn't work...made things worse.

Would make life so much easier if I could find something that did work.

People can't stand to be around me for more than a few minutes...they don't realize it's a serious problem for me...they just tell me I'm too high strung and walk away.

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