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I first want to say that I am a convicted sex offender, and I have been down this road. Lolicon is not legal in the US of A. Any picture of a minor engageing in elisite sexual actions, or a dipictation of said actions is illegal in America. Dont belive me? Let someone find it on your computer. Lolicon, yuri, ecchi, kiddy, cp, and preteen models are illegal. If your looking at gay sex, you might be gay. And if your looking at kids, you might be a pedo. Is there really any question? Why do you look at images of naked children? Dose it arouse you? You need to be honest with your self. If you have sexual desires for children, you need help.

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I really don't think it should be allowed. People who support it argue that it's not wrong because no real child is harmed from it, but just allowing such things to exist is like embracing and encouraging acts that are illegal and very inappropriate.

If animated or drawn child pornography is legal, then it means it's legal to view it, which means that parents and teachers and big sisters and big brothers and aunts and uncles can legally view it without it being a crime so long as no real children are hurt.

That's like saying it's OK to have sexual fantasies about children as long as you don't act on it - And surely, no one can take away your right to THINK whatever you want, but I'd say such thoughts definitely shouldn't be encouraged or made "normal" in any way.

If you are sexually attracted to children, perhaps it doesn't make you a bad person, but non the less, it is a disorder and nothing that should be embraced with fantasies or pictures of pedophilia. I'm not a big fan of telling people what's moral and not, but acting out pedophilia is definitely not right and I don't think encouraging fantasies about it is a good idea either.


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