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Today, my mother just implied that my best friend and I are spending far too much time together, going so far as to imply I was gay.

I'm not. Neither is she. She's been in a steady, straight, relationship for more than two years; I've never been on a date because I'm waiting for the right GUY to ask me.

The reason we spend so much time together is because we each know each other's secrets; that we have Muses (imaginary friends, of a sort), she struggles with SI, me with depression, and we support each other throughout the hard times, and this past month has been very difficult for us both.

Is there any way I can explain all of this to my mother without revealing any secrets?

(Her parents know about the SI, btw, and she's getting help. It's just none of my mother's business)

Thank you,


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Thank you, sedsed. You're right--I do have issues with my mom. I am (no joke) the best-behaved one out of literally everyone I know--I keep her in the 'know,' I talk to her and don't argue, I do try to make her happy, but, for whatever reason, she refuses to trust me. And because of that, there's NO way I'm going to trust her.

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Guest SomethingOrOther

I suppose it really depends on the relationship you have with your mother. In my view, you don't have to justify meeting your friend, thus the whole discussion should be done with "I'm not gay. Neither is she."

If your mother doesn't believe that, there's no reason she'd believe it after more explanations that just trigger questions that are none of her business.


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Maybe she's just a little jealous; do you give your mom any of your time or discuss your own issues with her? Is she open to you? I know some moms might not be, but I hope yours is only trying to hint that she misses you. Were you guys close when you were younger but now you're spending all your free time with your BFF?

Just a thought! :-)

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