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I'm 17 and overweight.... I dont know what to do.... I eat all the time.. when im happy, sad, lonely, content, whatever I am always eating.Even when im full I feel as if i should have more i want more, i dont need to subdue my hunger because I eat wheather or not im hungry. Diets dont work, i need help....I used to be very worried and down on myself about it all and lately it getting worse i dont want to do anything anymore, because im afraid of everyone seeing how incredibly fat i am... help.

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Hi Angel09-

Compulsive overeating is not an uncommon problem- you are not alone. I would suggest treating the eating as a problem type behavior and going to see a mental health professional that specializes in treating eating disorders from a cognitive behavioral perspective.

No, you don't have anorexia... but this type of therapist could still help you. Problematic eating behavior is problematic eating behavior regardless of it's exact form. Therapy can help, via a combination of cognitive (thought) interventions (unhelpful thoughts are often the trigger for overeating) and behavioral interventions.

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