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I am not really sure where to start. I have been struggling with so many things for sooo long that I am not sure what I am struggling with anymore.

I am the survivor of childhood abuse (sexual, physical, emotional) and neglect. This has had a major impact on who I am today. I have struggled with on and off again depression since I was 14 years old and am currently in the midst of a battle with postpartum depression. I have 14 month old son who most days is the light of my life. However he is the source of alot of my anxiety and depression. My depression has definetly gotten worse since he has been born, and I am finding my anxiety levels souring through the roof several times a week. And my husband just informed me this morning that I am grinding my teeth at night when I actually sleep. I haven't really slept in over a week, which of course is doing real wonders on my depression and anxiety issues. Plus I am going to a conference on childhood sexual abuse next week which I am very nervous about. I am taking my "mom" (she is a choosen mother, not biological) as a support system because I know it will be difficult but I am still nervous.

Any words of advice or wisdom would be greatly appreciated. There is obviously much more to this story, but this is just a glimpse.

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Guest ASchwartz

Chatter and Demeter,

I agree with Demeter that psychotherapy is a good idea. Chatter, seems like you have a lot to work in in psychotherapy and might greatly benefit. What do you think?


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I have been seeing a therapist for 10 plus years. We are working on things but slowly. My doctor just recommended a sleep study to see if there isn't an underlying sleep disorder before she will prescribe anything else. My therapist recommended an anxiety medication to help me sleep because she believes that my issues sleeping stem from my childhood abuse, which I agree with. But what can I do?

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