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worried about speaking secretsaloud


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Hi, I'm 16 and really worried about talking to myself, I keep worrying that If I am thinking about something which is extrememly secretive then I will say it, almost like I'd forget people were with me.

I have a lot of worrys and secrets and really don't want them to be heard by people, I keep worrying that I say these things out loud instead of thinking them.

Is there anything that would prove that I am not doing this?

I always ask people if I was talking and they always say no, however, I just think they could be saying that because they don't want me to know what I'm saying. I haven't been diagnosed with any personality disorders, but the worry keeps making me think I've said things.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi djguy,

It seems to me that this symptom of yours is puzzling. I really recommend that you be seen by your MD first and then, perhaps, be referred for psychotherapy or a psychiatrist, if it turns out that this is psychological or psychiatric.

The MD comes first because the phsycial must be ruled out. There are neurological and hormonal problems that can cause us lots of problems.

This means that you really must talk to your parents so that they will approve of your being seen by your MD.

What do you think?


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