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PTSD or My Bad Luck


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My daughter who is 20 has been dating a young man for two years. Two years ago a little boy ran into the car he as driving and was killed instantly. It happened in august and every fall he struggles. most recently he chewed his fingernails so bad he got an infection. Today he broke up with my daughter saying that he didn't love her anymore....I think he is just struggling with his feelings but i don't know how to help:(

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Hello Mamak,

I am just a concerned reader. I think I can relate to your daughters boyfriend. I can't help but feel respobsible for the death of a woman even though I know there was nothing I could do. I was told years ago to seek help for PTSD, I didn't. 6 years later I find myself telling the story here on the boards asking for an opinion in a state of mind I never thought possible. I too began to shut off on my husband and those around me, saying not the most pleasant of things, including that I did not love my husband which was entirely not true. I just seep into these moods that I rather be left alone. I'm unaware of the relationship your daughter and boyfriend have on any level. He may truely feel that way or he could think he feels that way for the time being. I think it is great you are concerned with his mental state. I strongly suggest you get him to speak with a doctor.

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