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Website on Statutes of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse


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I would also like to add, that i think this is important to know because i had not known that i could file charges myself when i became an adult. You see, when i was younger, my case was reported, but charges were never filed. So this means that the person who abused me got away with it. If i had known about this law and my rights as an adult i would have filed charges against him. Those of us who are abused as children, and nothing is done about it, we have the right to be informed when we reach adulthood, about our legal rights we can take about the abuse when we were younger. The system is flawed,... deeply upsets me.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Mgntl,

If its possible to file charges long after child abuse occurred and the statute of limitations has not passed and you can prove it, it might feel somewhat helpful.

However, I also want to point out that its important to understand that the past cannot be changed and that, even if you can get vindication through legal means, you still have to deal with your feelings and emotions in the present.

Are you in psychotherapy?


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I understand your point. I just really feel that i was worked over by the system and by my abusers. I just dont get how no charges were ever filed. It blows my mind. I may not find justice, but its just a shame that something like this can happen and yet nothing done about it. I know i will have to deal with my feeling always, nothing can ever make it go away. I feel like i cant move on with my life, until something is done. Something... i dont know what, maybe confront him. My feelings are soo messed up that, im over protective of my girls. When i hear one of them screaming in the other room for their cousin (14) to stop... i race over to see whats going on. I know there is no abuse going on, but in my head.. i cant help but think it anyways. Im very fearfull for them. I do not see anyone for my past, but i know i need to, because i know I need the help. Im scared, angry, feeling so many other things i cant describe. I have suffered with depression, sex addiction, anger, i have a counting disorder,etc. Most days i get along just fine, im easily adaptable, so iv learned how to control my emotions,.. thats good i guess.

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