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Lying to My Parents


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I am a 22 year old college student. I suffer from now what they are calling non epileptic seizures. They are having me see a specialists soon. My parents are super helicopter parents because I have about 5 diagnoses in one complex condition. For me, I have now turned to lying to my parents when I'm having seizures and I'm brought to the hospital. I tell them that I am at the library studying or getting extra help or else they would get mad and take me out of university. So I guess I am wondering if I'm doing the right thing by lying, and getting through the day without problems, or should I be upfront with my parents and tell tell them whats going on and whether or not and have them flip. I've lied probably three or four times that this point.



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Guest ASchwartz

Hi kate,

I am offering just an opinion so but, in my mind, and in my personal experience, lying about health issues are never a good idea. You never know, none of us can ever know, when some type of siezure or attack, may be much more serious than we think. Yes, your parents are helicopter parents but your health issues are the reason why. Could you get you MD to talk to all of you in a family meeting to get them to understand the need to back off a little???


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