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ADHD (Predominately Inattentive) Still can't focus very well...


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Well, a couple months back, I was diagnosed with ADHD (Predominately Inattentive) during a week-long stay in a mental hospital. I was prescribed medicine to help my focus and alertness.

The thing is, my focus still seems a little off.


I'm a musician and when I'm practicing an instrument, my body might be doing the motions and such, but my mind will be elsewhere. Without the total focus, I might aswell be playing my guitar like a tuba...Focus-less practice is useless.

When doing homework, I can sometimes get into a 'groove' where I can get a lot done in a short amount of time, but this rarely occurs. My mind seems to be, once again, elsewhere.

When I'm playing video games or typing stuff on the computer, however, my focus seems to be incredible. I believe this to be so because these activities don't involve as much brain activity as homework or practicing music.

Any ideas? I'll probably talk to my doctor about this, but I'd like some extra advise.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi ilovemusic,

Medication is very helpful with adhd but its not enough. You need a type of psychotherapy called coaching. To be specific, this is done by psychologists who train people with adhd in how to improve their concentration. Its very, very specific and concrete and, therefore, involves learning stratagies to increase attention. By the way, it used in conjunction with medication.


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Hi ilovemusic,

For many things I find that listening to music while I do them makes a world of difference. The part of my mind that tends to go wandering will focus on the music and I can get stuff done. When I was in school or in meetings I find I doodle or draw and that does the same thing.

This does me wonders! I really appreciate the advice, but what about things where I can't have 'background noise' like when I'm practicing my guitar? I have to focus on my muscles, timing, etc. and music tends to mess all that up. Granted, just being in my own head seems to mess it all up. On top of that, I think someone's been stealing my pills because I'm out of them and I can't get anymore until next Monday. :)

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