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Regarding Jedidiah Elijah


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I spoke with him this morning and earlier this evening and he asked I do a few things for him.

1. is to "please thank luna for chatting with him late last night even though he isnt sure how much sense he was making".

2. Let those of you that possibly replied to his post after his last know that he appreciates it and to let yous know that he is ok now.

I relayed those as best I can.

He has to stay in the hospital CCU till he has surgery to correct his heart. He is scared and not happy about it and really wants to leave against what the doctors are sayin. They want him to rest as much as able to gain back strength before havin the surgery. He won't have his laptop till after the surgery is worried some of you he emails with would be concerned not hearing from him.

He asked that I let you all know he looks forward to returning to chat with everyone.

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Your welcome.

Really don't know if he will manage to stay in the hospital like he is being told to. He is havin a hard time bein there. They have done some other tests mostly my understanding is that he needs to be on certain meds an regain strength before he can have the surgery. They were going to do it fri morning after talkin with him a few hours ago that has been changed to possibly Mon. I know noone likes being in a hospital it seems to be worse for him. He is smart and a lot more mature than anyone else I know for his age but he don't seem to be grasping how leavin the hospital isn't in his best interests. I know his second family spent most of the time he was in the ER with him before he went to the unit. They also have visited more even his shrink has. It's a freaky foreign place to him and he isn't listening to what everyone is saying. In the short time I've been talkin with him like most of you he has been rather upbeat now he sounds real depressed. He is upset about his parents not coming to see him and tells me he wants to go home. Anyway Ill let him know about those of you rooting for and wishing him well.

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