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strange depression


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one of my relatives suffer from a strange type of mental disorder ......... she mostly remains sad ........ she also has type of feelings that i should have done that ...... and after few minutes she says "i shouldn't have done that "

also ......... she sometimes takes a thing like cellphone and keeps it at a particular place and then after sometime picks it up and then place it somewhere else .........

and she also feels guilty of every thing that she does ........ like i shudnt have combed my hair ......... i shudnt have taken a bath etc. etc.

can u suggest what type of disorder it is ?? and possible treatment please ....... !!

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Dear Gurry,

I am not too familiar with disorders but by my own experience I think your relative might be suffering from obssessive-compulsive disorder which makes people have too many feelings of guilt. I know because a relative of mine suffers from this disorder and it sounds like it. But you must get a better opinion from a doctor.

Sincerely yours,


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Gurry and Clarisse87,

Gurry, Clarisse is absolutely correct.:( No one can give any kind of diagnosis. That is why it is necessary that she goes to a clinical psychologist and learn what her problem is and what treatment is recommended. That is what Clarisse and I are suggesting. Of course, if she will not go, there is nothing you can do.

Can you tell us a little about yourself??

Allan :)

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