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what is MPD??


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for about a year or so i've felt like there were other people in my head. there was a time when i was really depressed and went to a hospital but once i got to the hospital it was as if nothing had happened. i was all happy and chipper. the thing is, i would kind of remember all this so i dint mean to the people so they said it was bipolar. but recently ive been missing pieces of my days. my boyfriend will ask me how my day was and i won't remember anything that had happened. there was 2 suicidal scares and the only reason i know about them was because i saw the texts. i never said a name but recently he's found i call myself "sarah" when i get depressed or sad. tonight, i had this huge gap in memory. i thought i fell asleep but he was texting me as if we were in the middle of a conversation and when i looked, we were but i was a total slutty bitch when i'm me im really self conscious and nice to people.and i called myself bree. i do not remember having that conversation at all. the thing is, i have never been through anything traumatic. i dont think and abusive ex would trigger anything like this. and one more thiing: sometimes in the middle of the night i feel like somethings gunna get me... idk what it is but i get so scared and i start to cry and hear things and i just feel like someone is there in the room with me...what on earth is going on...any ideas??

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Hi purpledinosaur. This sounds very frightening and confusing and must be horrible for you to live with.

Sweetheart, I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but there is an age limit on this forum and it is 16. It's nothing personal, it's a legal issue because of some of the things that are discussed here.

Until you turn 16, I can recommend another forum just like this one: depressionforums.org. Their age limit is 13. It's not only for depression, it's for everything and they have different rooms just like we do. You can copy and paste what you've written here and I'm sure you will be able to find support there.

As soon as you turn 16, you are welcome to come back here. We wish you all the best.

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