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Please help...confused


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I'm twenty three years old and have a very important question. Ever since I was in high school, my step-mother did a 360 degree in personality completely. She one day just started accusing me and my father of trying to kill her and even called the cops on us several times. This continued up into my senior year when she'd attacked me physically and then ran down the street where some of the family friends lived and called the hospital claiming that people who didn't even live in the house were attacking her.

Now, I moved out once because I couldn't take it anymore, but due to too many issues to name, I was forced to either go back to her and dad or live on the streets. It was all fine for the first year that I moved back in, but when she was taken off her hormone medication because she was told it causes breast cancer, it all started again. But it seems different this time, like she plans everything she's doing. Before, she just was off, but now....I don't know.

One of the most disturbing things she's done recently was corner me and tell me how boiled dogs are a delicacy in third world countries and that it would probably taste pretty good. Being a dog owner, this greatly upset me because I actually believe she'd try something like that. Now, when dad comes home from work, she acts completely normal. Of course, he knows what's going on.

I would simply move out and as far away as I can, but I currently don't have a job or a car. Me and my adopted sister are working on fixing the car with the next paycheck, but we're desperate to get away from all of this.

My question to everyone is

How and where can I get help without calling anyone? (I can't use the phone because she would cut the phone lines and dad needs that for his business.)

Thanks in advance

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Blitzsume,

Thank you for your very moving description of life at home. It sounds like it is absolutely awful and intolerable.

Can you tell us more about why you were unsuccessful when you moved out for the first time? If we know more perhaps members of the forum could come up with some real suggestions and advice.

Please write again and tell us more.


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