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not sure if i have a problem

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To begin with, I never drank at all before I was 21, and only occasionally, until about two years ago. Since that time it seems to have gotten out of control. I quickly began drinking everyday, and the amount that I drink each day has gradually increased to the point that I know that if I continue to do this I will have health problems later in life. I have also noticed that drinking impairs my judgment regarding self-injury. Sometimes I wake up after a night drinking and I am not sure if I have self-injured the night before until I look at my body and see what I have done…and then I worry (reasonably so) that I did not clean up after myself like I normally would and that others will find out about it.

I am considering going to an AA meeting but I don’t know if that is something that would help me. I drink alone, and I am able to keep up my responsibilities at work, school, and personal life, so it hasn’t really affected my relationships. I am single with no kids, so I have few responsibilities.

No one has suggested that I have a problem or that I need to stop, so I don’t really know if I am overreacting. I get the sense that my family would rather see me drink than to use self-injury to cope with things. They don’t know that I am still self-injuring. I don’t think that I should wait until someone tells me I have a problem to get help.

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I too drink too much and do self injury. As far as AA goes.. give it a try. I am trying to start a DRA group here... Dual Recovery Anonymous. It is for people with mental issues and substance abuse issues.

There are also many other things you might try and many have web site... I can give you some links if you like. Some are 12 step ( like AA) some are not.


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If you think that you may have a problem, you probably do.

Here is a list of on line web sites:

Hamshrn at yahoo

Moderation Management

SMART Recovery



Women for Sobriety

It may be useful for you to check them out. And, proceed accordingly.

First things first though: do without the alcohol as much as you can for as long as you can. If you drink, do not get drunk.

Replace the drinking with other activities. Getting drunk is a waste of time and money. You have better things to do with both.

If you go to AA, I am confident that your opinion of AA will be congruent with my opinion of AA.

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ok.. I am not big on AA.. But I do not see why people should not try it.... it does help some... I prefer Rational Recovery.... but right now I am sorta stuck with AA in order to prove to people I am trying... when I have a good amount of sober time I may quit AA.... I may not ever work the steps but I do like the socilization.....


Just to walk into a room of SOME people that are like you .. are where you are or have been there and understand.... can help....

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