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Ok, so earlier today i was so depressed i could've shot myself (probably already new that from my posts) and then laughed at my dead self. did that even make sense what i just said?? no...probably not...lol.

NOW..i have completely swung to the other side. i'm so freakin' jittery and bouncy and i'm laughing at everything like it's fucking comedy central. hahaha. my brain is like on PCP or something..lol...i mean, i'm thinking of everything at once! and i have some hope again! woot!

did you know you can only use 4 smilies per post? that's kinda sad isn't it?

i have found myself making some plans that i will probably never do...but they seem so real right now.

I feel like i can take flight!

i don't know if i'd enjoy that though, cuz i hate flying! haha, get it?

run a marathon anyone?


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