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Racing thoughts


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How do i stop them? my mind races from one thought to another so much during the day and at night. I find it difficult to sleep or even concentrate on my school work. it goes worry about major decisions like moving to a new state, to the what ifs, to depression and negative thoughts, school. well you get the point.it just goes on and on and it drives me crazy literally. I wish i can just shut my mind down and not think about anything or worry about anything but thats hard. Id like to know if theres any ideas or ways to handle this. I just want it to stop especially when songs keep playing in my head over and over again and im not even listening to music! is that crazy? i wish my mind and myself can take a vacation at the same time.

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Try using the CBT exercise called the TEA form. They have worked wonders for me and others I know. Here's a link from another thread on this site about them:


I would pay the most attention to posts by Cynthia and Alan on them. One fyi, if you decide to buy the Craske/Obitz book don't buy it on amazon.com as they charge ridiculous prices for it and you can get it directly at www.tao3.com for $12.95 plus shipping.

Best of luck:)

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