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I would like to thank you for your message that you had sent me. The combat stress team that i am working with does okay, they pretty much told me that i was the worse case that they had ever dealt with and kind of sent me packing with only a few tools to work with. i signed up for anger and stress management classes and they wouldn't let me take them because they said it would be counter productive to what i was trying to do. So i went to another doctor there and he told me the exact opposite, that he could help all i wanted and that the anger and stress management classes were a good thing for me to do, so i started yesterday.

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation and hope that things will go as normal as possible. it's not fair to have to hide who you are and what you are feeling and experiencing from your family is it? for me and my family, PTSD is not a weakness, but a dissorder. my grandpa had it from WW2 and Korea, my dad has it from having to respond to different emergencies in his line of work, and i have it from the war in iraq. my dad never ever sought help even though it practicly tore him and my mom apart. however when i called home last, he opened up to me about it and asked me if i thought he should go and get help. i told him he was crazy not to......not crazy for having it. It's weird to grow up your whole life with your dad being the one to telll you everything you need to do; and then after 24 years...you are the one lecturing him to seek help.

Keep in touch and keep your chin up, and please talke care :)

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