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I have some great professional contacts, i.e. supervisors from my internship, professors, and physicians. These people have always told me, “Let me know if you need anything”. However I always feel weird about contacting them. For example, I am currently applying to medical school and just over a year ago I shadowed a physician (an alumni of my top choice for medical school). Six months after shadowing him I emailed him to see if he would write a letter of recommendation, and he did. But I felt so weird about asking him since I hadn’t talked to him in 6months. Would you feel the same way? Similarly my own physician has been helpful in med school application process. He always tells me if you have any questions just give me a call. There are times when I have could have used his advice but felt awkward calling him. Also, I am senior graduating this fall and I will be working during the spring semester while I wait to hear back from med schools. So I was thinking my supervisors from my internship would probably give me some info or have job contacts, but again feel uncomfortable asking them for help. I know people usually love to help I just don’t know. Maybe I think I am bothering them?! If anyone has some Comments, advice, etc I would really appreciate it.


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