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He´s not psychologically ready


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Ok, first I told my husband 2 months ago I might not have the money enough to get him here. Would he leave me then, he said no.

A couple days ago I found out I had not the money at all nearly, I said chance is 50/50. I asked again would he leave me then??? he said annoyed he didnt know! I was so hurt.

Today I said why should I continue marriage after what he said. Then my husband suddenly change our plans, I should go see him in April and now he denies me to come see him saying he´s not psychogically ready???????

He said it wasnt the intimacy, it was him that he wasnt happy down there, he was smoking, silly excuses, but all in all he said he wasnt psychologically ready?????

Is there any way to not be "psychologically ready" to see his wife on a visit just because it is in his country?????

Saying here he would be ready and we would stay together forever if we was happy.

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