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I need advice from you lovely people :)


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Im pretty sure I have "manic depression".

I possess roughly 90% of the symptoms and im a little bit frightened to be honest.

I want to be sure, so who should I go and see for a proper diagnosis?

My doctor or do I need to go to a specific therapist?

Symptoms I possess:

Depression side:

- Avoiding people for no apparent reason, other than an urge to be in solitude.

- Im bored of everything, except for things im forced to do, e.g. eat, drink etc.

- Feeling really tired after 14 hours of sleep, whilst at other times I feel really awake despite having no or very little sleep.

- Feeling intensely depressed and wanting to cry, but not being able to.

- Unable to think positively during depressive periods

- Unable to concentrate

- self loathing

- Temporary lack of self-confidence

Manic side:

- Very active and excited

- A strong desire for sex, which in turn causes frustration

- Ridiculous levels of confidence, thinking I can do anything in the world

- Having lots of ideas that are crazy

- Irritated that no one else can keep up with my pace

- Unable to sleep

- Hyped up and developing strange behaviour, like constantly curling my hair with my hand and becoming obsessed with doing that one action

- Seemingly happy for no reason

Thanks for responses in advance.

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Hi Peace, You could very well be bipolor...but I would most certainly see a psychiatrist to get any sort of diagnoses. I know it could be scary to think you may have this disorder, But I am here to tell you that doesn't mean you can't live a productive life. There are many mood stablizing medications that could help, it just may take awhile to find the right combination that could work for you..that is why I would suggest working closely with a pdoc. Also looking into a therepist once you get a diagnoses wouldn't be a bad idea.

So, start with finding a psychiatrist and go from there. Good luck and take care. I am here anytime you need to talk.


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