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well I did a real stupid thing yesterday


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After I got my meds straightened out Tuesday, that night and Wednesday night I slept much better. The risperdal has really been helping. Yesterday morning my usual routine was to get my daily meds organized in a pill box, I eat my breakfast then would usually take my meds. I went through my day, doing stuff, not really being responsible with my eating. I need to go grocery shopping. I need to bathe.

Well after the day's activities I felt that I needed to take my evening meds. I felt I waited too late to take them as I was feeling it. When I opened my pill box at 9:15 PM, there were my morning pills!! I am going through all these changes with my meds being weaned off of my old ones and gradually bringing the lamictal up so I don't develop this rash which is a bad side effect. So I take the morning meds. I have to eat now. I had forgotten to eat.

I am editing this med schedule I put together off of my doctor's instructions of all the changes. At 10:30pm I called a 24hour Walgreens and talked to a pharmacist and explained my situation. She recommends that I call my doctor tomorrow. So I create this fax page and explain to my doctor what happened apologizing profusely for creating a problem (a doctor died in his firm and they are really swamped there), and it is in the same document as my meds schedule in Word. I don't have any fax software so I decided that I will look for fax software tomorrow (being today now). I am so wired that I can't sleep. So I go to tucows and Snappy Fax is still a good product. It downloaded and installed no problem. So at 1:36 AM I faxed it to him and was lucky there were no problems. So I go to sleep. I sleep for 1.5 hours then I wake up at 3:30am.

I am so angry with myself. I wonder if my doctor will call me back. But I am going to make it a more normal day today.

Well I am going to go back to sleep....

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