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I'm not sure what I need + question on Lamictal

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I am glad you all created this forum. I've been in "therapy" for quite awhile but I do not think it is like psychotherapy or CBT, I am not sure. Perhaps it used to be CBT this "round" and psychotherapy the first "round". But now I do not know. I think they gave up on me. I feel like my doctor is playing head games with me. Sometimes I wonder if I am a psychopath like I think my dad is. My siblings do not appear to have healthy brains either.

Can Lamictal be an effective treatment alone? I am inconsistent. I do not interact enough with people in real life, nor do I have any close interpersonal relationships. But I think that perhaps if I did then my range of emotions would grow.

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I'm not sure how to answer the questions you've asked, so that makes two of us :)

There are as many different opinions on what parts of therapy work best and what are essential as there are therapists and patients/clients. I don't know if medication can be a successful therapy alone for you. For some people, that is okay and for others not so much.

can you describe your therapy a little bit? what you do in the therapy and how it goes back and forth between you? that would help us to have a better appreciation of what sort of therapy it is so that you could have a basis for comparison.

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