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Facial Paralysis...excuse for bullying?


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She's a woman, but I identify with her.

Matter of fact we both have the paralysis on the same side. Exact same problem.

I'm just amazed how people seem to repeat themselves.

When you're in a chronic abusive environment, whether it's a ritual or sadistic, it does something to you. I often wonder if our school system really does make us into healthy individuals or just more neurotic?

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Guest ASchwartz

Facial paralysis is never an excuse for bullying nor is any factor that makes a child or adult different. What schools need to do, with the support and help of parents, is to stop all the bullying. I suspect that it tends to get ignored, even today.


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We all of us here know that bullying isn't excused by facial paralysis or any other condition. But we also know that it happens, and it happens with greater frequency when the victim is different in some manner, and can't easily fight back. There is a lot of unenlightenment in many people's hearts. Selfishness. They feel their own suffering but not the suffering of others.

You talk a lot about how institutions have failed you, and it's clear how angry you are. Do you have any ways to deal or expend any of that anger? I know when I get going about injustices that I have had to deal with I can really get going and make myself sick. It helps to have a way to cool down, because that anger can eat you up inside.

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Oh sure there's anger, but I don't think anger is something that is exclusive to me......I sometimes think people are motivated by it.

Actually, I think that's the problem I seem to lack aggression and a sense of entitlement. I find most people seem to have a sense of entitlement.

When I post, it's mostly out of defiance of being told I'm not fit as a person.

I'm trying to examine what people's motives are. Well, I was under a microscope...why can't I do the same thing?

As far as taunts go about my facial paralysis, it didn't stopped after high school. People really don't grow up that much.

As far as venting anger....I'm not certain my emotions are really that intense. I seem to be more introverted in nature. I've seen emotional outbursts from people that I can't match...however, I use to surf a lot, plus I paint....people of all things.





As you can tell, I have to learn how interact and sell myself.

Alan Watts, philosophy guru, said something about how if you worry about how you affect other people when you interact with people then it reverberates into a loop and causes anxiety feed back.....I think I'm trying to do away with caring about what other people think, or at least justify why

I think the way I do.

Remember, I told you I use to stutter and have social anxiety. I'm trying to do away with that.....I work in sales. I interact with people. So, I'm not angry all the time.

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