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Tired of the cycle?? cause i am


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Just found this site.. I'm extremely tired of the cycle and need the motivation to actually do the little things in life.. like blow my hair out.. so unmotivated, unemployed and dont have direction in life.. and it looks like due to my lack of commitment to what i think i really want im settling to going back into a job i left and am going back b/c i need money..

any reason why there are people out there that arent wonderers???

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What sort of "cycle" are you in? Would that be a depression sort of space or something different? Was there a time in your life when you were more motivated, or has it always been like this. Have you experienced some sort of tragedy or difficult situation that has knocked you on your ass or is it something more insidious? If you can help us to better understand what you are going through and where you are coming from, that would help us to relate and comment.

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