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oh god i dont know what to do


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Runningaway,

Typical of OCD, you are obsessing over this despite knowing that the unborn infant belongs to you and your boyfriend. Also typical of OCD, your are experiencing constant doubt even when there is no reason for doubt. Lastly, you are experiencing a third symptom of OCD, constantly thinking, "What if...?

Maybe others will disagree with what I am about to say, and what I am about to say is strictly my opinion, I believe that this is not the right time to tell him about your trist in March. What for? People have sex. You were only at the very start of the relationship if even that. The numbers of months do not add up to anything you need to worry about. Why not leave things be and stop torturing youself? I know you no not like to suffer, no one does.

What do you and others think about my opinion and what would you say?

Of course, in the end, the decision is yours.


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Thank you very much for your response. I have been thinking about it for weeks and go through days which there is an overwhelming cause to tell but I guess I made a decision last year not to tell and need to stick by it.

For some reason the first thought I had this morning just as I thought i was coming to terms with my mistake was 'oh God what if he finds out I am pregnant and thinks it might be his and tries to break my family up' I dont see why this would happened as he would have to be stupid as I conceived 5months after that holiday and protection was used. Plus he would have to go through my friend and she would go through me so it would not go direct to him. Also it is my word against his. And I think it is the lack of control over the situation and that is awful

First the thought was just getting caught out and there is no evidence i did anything so was ok with that for an hour, and then it went onto guilt, God punishing me, him finding out if I died and me not being able to redeem myself, or him taking it out on my daughter if I was dead.

I cant remember the last time I was this unhappy :(

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