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I am in my long distance marriage and now my husband suggested we talk every third day instead of every second day. Because both of us have difficulties finding things to talk about, we sit in silence several times when we are chatting. We try our best but each of us has nothing new happening in the day. My husband mean we will have little more to talk about if we talk every third day. I am not so sure. I do agree it is difficult sitting like this.

What do nearly newly married couples talk about? note: we didnt know each other long before marriage, only two months.

Does it harm a marriage to talk less than before? note : he has stopped writing sms to me one month ago saying his phone ate his money. But I can txt him if its important, he has also txt me if he has had too and I´m not forbidden to call him of course, but I find it sad he doesnt txt me good night and good morning anymore, not any love poems anymore or loving words. Said I could wait till we came online if there should be something that wasnt important. And now we will talk every third day. He say he misses me and loves me every time we chat of course.

Is this normal for long distance marriages, to not find something to talk about? we talk about how or day was, and the yesterdays day, the weather, simple things, what we ate that day and so forth.

He say ( and I agree) that its different over the internet.

I will travel to see him in 4 weeks, be there for 11 days.

He said that "why shouldnt we talk more when being together", I was little pessimistic so glad he had a positive outlook on that, as I have been afraid not getting to know him.

Is it normal to have it like we have it?

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I don't think there is an answer on what other people talk about, because every couple is composed of two unique people.

My experience is that people talk about their interests whether it is a marriage or just a friendship. Certainly one can also talk about the relationship or the future.

It may be online chat will feel less uncomfortable as a general avenue of communication as one does not need to be totally focused on the communication, that can put a lot of pressure on each person.

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