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He wanted divorce again! I said alright go get your divorce!

I said ok goodbye then. Hasnt heard from him. How dare he play with my life like he has!

Said he loved me two days ago, today he said I was the same important to him as he was to me, as I asked, 15 minutes later without no reason he said he wanted honestly divorce again!

How evil can a person be?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am ANGRY. And hurt!

I said to him he treated me bad, he said no he didnt as it was best for us both and said he wasnt patient again as the case would take too long time, so he wanted honestly DIVORCE....AGAIN!!!! And a quite bad timing he come with this again as its on monday next week I will know do I get to apply for the money to get him here!

And he say we must take this with respect!!!!!!! respect????? respect after how he has treated me?????? jeeese! he is the last one to talk about respect!!!

Do I deserve to be treated like yesterdays trash? HELL NO!

I cannot grasp how someone can be so evil!

I´m thinking GOOD LUCK to him, hope he find someone who will TOLERATE his "VISA PLAY WITH PEOPLES LIFE ATTITUDE"!!

I cant believe it, I havent done ONE thing wrong, if its a crime to say I felt he withdraw from me little as the contact has decreased, I was little vulnerable I couldnt txt him anymore and the contact was less and less. He had headache today ( before this happened). But anyway if its a crime to be vulnerable then I dont know. He just suddenly said honestly he wanted divorce, like last time when I said he just had to divorce no then he honestly did love me. Now he honestly wants divorce again. And he say he isnt playing with my life!

He doesnt care I have payed for the trip, gift to him and his parents, he is just so selfish!

I go to Amman myself! he isnt capable of loving anybody!

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I know you probably dont want to here this, but I think it might be the best thing to get away from him for awhile. This isnt a healthy relationship for you to be in. You shouldnt have to be at the mercy of his whims of saying such drastic things from one day to the next. I know this isnt really the kind of relationship you want to be. I hope youve been able to find some support close to you or a therapist you like. I know youve been through alot and its scary to be alone, but maybe alittle time away from the situation could be more of a benefit for you then it first appears to be.

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Hi CantGiveIt,

thanks for replying to me, he is in his country and I probably dont hear from him again. I guess he is too selfish. I know he treats me very bad, in my earlier post "I am in shock" in this urgent section , I told about how he abused me with threats and how he threw out the divorce wish out of the blue, and then changed saying he honestly loved me when I said he had to divorce then.

To leave someone because she doesnt have the money necessary when he wants it that is not love. Love is patient, if he had any feelings for me he wouldnt leave me because the time takes little longer.

Everyone have told me here he abuses and uses me, I wanted him to get a chance, but he did it again. He has changed opinions like day to day, played with my feelings my time, my life and he talk about respect.

I dont even know what he is doing now, filing for divorce or what next. I told him just fix it himself as I had no energy.

I know it probably would be better without him because the way he plays with my life is abusive. I told him two three weeks ago to make a decision on txt, he didnt, just said no he didnt want divorce, and now when I just say my insecurities and how I feel, he throw out the divorce again, and right before I am about to go see him, he has fought months not to let me go see him, no wonder I think something is wrong with him. And now again he started with wanting to say something about when I come down, but he didnt say it, I said it cant be the same as last time down there, we are a married couple, then he threw out the divorce again. Its just a weird behavior from him, its like he on life and death dont want me to come see him.

But now I have had enough of this game, I am angry how he can do this with no thought how it affects me.

I cant even cancel my trip as I didnt buy any assurance,he knows this,but he doesnt care anything with me, so I have to go to Amman alone or lose all the money:(

No wonder he divorced his ex before consummation and told me she was a bad woman going behind his back. I think more its him that is the problem, I am a good example to prove that. He might be one who devalues woman when he doesnt get things his way when he wants it and how he wants it.

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