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Personality Disorder or whatever you want to label it as, there seems to be a common attribute, a racing mind.

Do you think a racing mind is a result of an oppressive environment?

You've been oppressed so much that all you think about are the injustices done to you and being righteous yourself, and proving that to others?

Well, why do we have this need to excel? Why are we so competitive?

Competitive to the point a racing mind causes emotional upheaval.

How much of our behavior is attached to emotional memories?

Why do we cycle these memories to the point of having a racing mind?

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There are at least two kinds of racing minds. There is the bipolar sort, which doesn't have much to do with the sort of chronic anger you have written about, and then there is the sort of racing thoughts that are associated with being chronically angry. The later type is associated with having been abused, and oppressed, but the former is more a brain vulnerability come into bloom.

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I was diagnosed with an Avoidant Personality Disorder a while back and my thoughts can get very persistant and obsessive. Like I'm hammering away at them trying to see whats underneath and break them apart.

On the other hand, when I'm feeling more at ease and comfortable with myself (a rare state) I don't do this. I can let things go really easily ... it's lovely, peaceful.

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