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Is it my fault?


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Is it my fault he comes back to me? because I have twice said he can leave, one time in anger and one time calm early today when I tested him. If he really wanted to leave he could use his chance these two times as I didnt cry txt messages please come back. I did say yesterday I hoped I died and then in the morning told him how he abused and used me. But I was fine and calm when I tested him and he knew I wasnt crying as I lied to him being bad myself. So he could have stopped it.

I have only said, before, he wouldnt leave me if he loved me. But I have said again he can divorce today.

I have not once asked him to drag me back online, and two days ago he said he couldnt come to cam saying he wanted divorce all the time. But its not me who ask for it. Its him who say ok I´ll not leave you and then say he will talk with me next day on cam and then he throw cruel words in my face changing mind, I even said two days ago I didnt want talk with him online as he only did hurt me again and again and I said I had to protect myself. I said if he had something to say he can txt.

He promised not to hurt me if I came online, but threw all this in my face as in the other post. He asked me what I needed protection from. I said him as he continue hurt me.

And he didnt have to throw so many hurtful words and lies in my face. It must be with purpose.

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