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Hi all. Around a year ago I quit my post-grad course and got a job. Post-grad was getting to me, I didn't feel like I understood where it was going, and was worried that I'd get stuck on a career path I wouldn't enjoy. For the first 6 months in my new job, things were great - I really liked the work and I was good at it. Fairly suddenly though, it just stopped. I found myself completely unmotivated, and incapable of doing even the most straightforward parts of the job. I tried to work through it, by putting in more hours and covering up the fact that I was falling behind on my tasks - but unsurprisingly this didn't work.

Eventually my managers noticed and tried to help. They and I both thought that I might be depressed, so they sent me to see a doctor. He assured me I wasn't, as my depressed mood only coincided with work really - I had no issues with energy during sport or other parts of my life. He suggested I take some time off work and try to start again, and if it doesn't help to think about changing jobs. He also said I probably have a problem with anxiety - but I suppose it must not be a disorder or he would have mentioned that?

That was two months ago, and things are worse now. Not only do I have no interest in the work any more, it sometimes makes me nauseous and dizzy just being in the office. I'm constantly afraid that the phone is going to ring, and I'm avoiding all my co-workers - which is making it impossible to catch up with my workload.

I've decided to change jobs and have applied for a few - but I'm not sure what to do now. I know I should wait until I have a new job secured before quitting this one - but the longer I stay here, the worse I get and the less likely they'll give me an OK reference for the next job. I already can't get a reference from the post before because of how I dropped out, so it would look really bad if this job doesn't give me one. I'd really prefer to leave now, or to tell them I'm going to leave - but I don't know if that's a good idea.

Has anyone dealt with work related burnout before? And can they offer any advice? One thing that really worries me is that I'll change jobs and in a years time the same thing will happen again - is there anything I can do to avoid this?

Sorry about the length of the post, and thanks in advance,


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Hi Ed,

When I was working I had become really depressed and totally socially phobic I couldn't talk to anyone I just sort of hid all day and avoided all people that I could or called it sick, It got to be absolutly too much, I was crying, disorganized, forgetfull, completly in cayos, I couldn't work at that time, I thought to switch jobs thinking it was the job I was not happy with the workload, the bosses, so I took a leave to sort my thoughts, I desided after the leave not to return because it was more then the job, I was depressed and needed time in general.

Are you able to take a leave? Just to sort your feelings out to see if it would help. Mabe you are just tired and need a break not forever from this job mabe just some time off.

If you are totally sure it is the job causing it, then I'd start looking rate away and If you could handle it without the job I'd give notice because you don't want it to affect a good reference. If you are not giving your all for whatever reason it can be noticable even if we think we are hiding it well.

Is there a employee insurance thing where you are that can pay you while you look for work?

Do you have money saved that you could use until you find another job?

Anyways I hope any of this helps for you, I hope all go's well for you, and that you find what you need too:)

Please take care

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Thanks for the replies.

Was it the case that when you lost interest in your present job that it was just sudden with out warning? was there some event that turned you?

It was pretty sudden, over the course of maybe a week I realised I was getting nothing out of the job any more. Obviously then when I wasn't motivated my performance was shot and the job started to build up on me and be very stressful. Would depression not effect all areas of my life? I've no real problems interacting with my friends outside of work, and I'm practically obsessed with sport because when I'm doing it I can completely forget about work.

Forgeting: I did take some time off before (just a week though, maybe not enough). I felt better after the break, but I was still dreading going back to work, and it didn't take long to get behind again. I'm pretty sure that the job has a lot to do with it, but I'd be worried that it would re-occur in my next job. My thoughts would be that "a change is as good as a rest". I'd have an opportunity for a fresh start and I could go into the job being aware that this is a potential problem, and hopefully spot any warning signs and take a holiday before it gets out of hand.

Thanks again,


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