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I am having a problem right now. It is serious and it is causing me extreme distress. It is even affecting my marriage. My wife and I just argued about it for an hour. It is, in part, election fatigue. I am tired of hearing about McCain and Obama everywhere. In resturants, on television, in private conversations, EVERYWHERE. I want it over.

My wife is a big Obama supporter and it is getting to me. I have an overwhelming fear that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. It is killing me. On one hand I think that this couldn't be true, but on the other it is an unavoidable conclusion. He is walking into power with a magical ease. Everything is laid out for him. When he falters or says the wrong thing McCain does something ten times worse and Obama's gaff is forgotten. He is loved by everyone. People are saying he is the Messiah. He even joked about being born in a manger during a speech on TV.

This is surreal. I feel like I am in a nightmare. I am watching people give over their minds to satan.

I am not a religious nut or anything. I don't go to church or read the bible. I don't know where this thought is coming from. I am shaking as I write this. I am slipping over the edge. If anyone is still online here please post a reply so I know I am real and this is happening.

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Thank you. I am really stressed right now. I can't shut off my mind. This fear is driving me nuts. I want anyone to reassure me that I am real. I am not in a fantasy of someones.

I don't know why I am on this board. Someone mst have thought me into this. And why is Obama so scarry? I was going to vote for him today, but I couldn't. I voted for Nader instead. The thought he is the antichrist is obsessive.Why do they talk about him as if he was holy?

I don't know. I am sleepy but I can't sleep.

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HI Kiosk,

YOU are real!

I don't know these people you talk about but I can relate to the politics of all goverment type figures, honestly they all freak me out. I think that too much power to any of them is not good. I see where you can get scard. I'm not overly religious, I have my moments and suspicions but I think I can over do the thought with this too. It is really hard to not understaind goverment politics, I hate to vote for fear of negative changes, then I'd have to say I actually voted for this person OMG. My partner tells me who to vote for normally (then I could say well You chose that guy!:Dlol) this time I actually voted myself a different guy because I was afraid of the other people.

Anyways, YOU are real, your feelings are there but that doesn't make it true, try to take a breath, know for you what you may feel but take it easy and relax a bit.

Please take care of yourself;)

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I am tired of hearing about McCain and Obama everywhere. In resturants, on television, in private conversations, EVERYWHERE. I want it over.

Good Morning Kiosk, you are very real and I have read your post. Personally I do not believe in any devil. I am soley responsible for my behaviors and actions, just like the folks at the top. If you want to really see a devil-type person, look at the current president! If it was not for him, the islamic fundamentalists would not be calling America "The Great Satan". Or was it Iran who called us that? And Pres Bush is paying for his mistakes through negative books and media, and also the public's opionions of him. Hardly anyone is on his side! Not even the Repubicans! But we know that he is not a devil, we just do not like him.

Do you have a therapist? What is your diagnosis? Perhaps talking to a therapist might help you with these fears.

As you can see, I have posted your thoughts above. What if you focused on the idea that we have a new season, Fall? Are the leaves changing where you are? I love leaves. I remember as a very small child when my mother was raking leaves and it was chilly out. I just had to jump into those leaves! The smell, the comfyness of the pile of leaves felt so good.

Why not avoid watching the news? Usually it is just bad news anyways. What if you went online and got the news that you want or need to hear? And also the conversations you are having with people, what do you want to talk about? Talk about good memories with your wife perhaps? Also why not watch a feel good movie? Or a comedy?

Just thought I'd throw a few things out there. Keep posting! :)

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You are very real and display some very real fears that Americans in general are dealing with in this election. Personally, I do not believe Obama to be the Antichrist. But personally, and without delving too deeply into my political or religious beliefs since this isn't an arena for that, I do believe that Obama, among other indicators like the ongoing fight to remove God from all public aspects of our lives, is an indicator that the time is getting close for the Antichrist to rise. But from what I know of the book of Revelations, that rise will occur in the Middle East, by a known Middle Eastern born politician.

No matter what your political or religious leanings are, and you've got some religious identification issues I think, your family is sacred. Nothing should come between you and your wife. If it were obvious that Satan were on this earth and your wife supported him, then that would be reason enough to divorce and move away from her. But while Satan may be on this earth to eventually take his role in the second coming, we aren't there yet. The very large majority of religious figureheads agree that he hasn't and isn't rising to power at this time.

I would strongly suggest you seek a religious based counselor. Your wife doesn't have to go, you are the one needing the help. There is no shame in seeking help for yourself. Trust me, a man who seeks help from a mental health professional is much more a man than one who will not. And since you obviously care very much for your wife on a deep, emotional level, you owe it to yourself to seek the input of a counselor. Religious based or not.

I too get worked up watching the various news channels. I watch every thing from Foxnews to MCNBC. I watch both sides of the aisle and make my decision based off of the issues and not the spinning. I typically devour news from broadcast to paper to Internet. But just now, it's taking too large a toll on my mental well being. So I made a decision on who I'm voting for and left the news to others to worry about. Made a huge difference in my outlook on life. :)

You'll be fine brother. Just take it easy, talk to someone about it and let your mind rest over it. You've already done your part.

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