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I have had it with my psych. Again today 1 hr. before I am suppose to be there again she cancelled. Her secretary was apologizing for her then actually said said you like I'm going to tell you please go to the other office. I thought she was just tired of me. She said she does this to quite a no. of patients. When I hung up found another pratice but, can't see the psych. for meds until July 7th therapist I can see May 26th. I started this practice the one I'm stopping in 2009 I think in 2 yrs. I can't even say how many times she cancels I called her sect. back and didn't tell her what I was going to do. Because I half to keep my meds going until the new date for the new psych. She said she wants to see you next Thurs. I asked her is she sure or please let me know now & evidently she doesn't care about her patients. Reply oh she has to much of a case load What the hell that's her stupidty not my problem. I just don't know I'm not even sure what to do. I mean I need whatever? I am not Dr. shopping. I have to much wrong as it is ya'll don't know even three quarters of what I have! No wonder my mind races everything is not right I mean for myself not my daughter or my mom. I have no idea what to do I just really don't know

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